Friday, 25 May 2012

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Analysis

Here are all the 26 finalists, in alphabetical order (not order of performance):
Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Now for the 16 countries who failed to reach the final, but which will still vote tomorrow night:
Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Georgia, Israel, Latvia, Montenegro, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, The Netherlands.

Now let's look at some country groups:

Baltic States (Ex USSR)
IN: Estonia, Lithuania. OUT: Latvia.

I'm pleased Lithuania reached the final, as I quite liked their ballad . To a lesser degree I'm happy to see Estonia in the final. I'm gutted that Latvia are out as their entry was among the songs I most wanted to qualify Tuesday evening. No doubt Estonia and Lithuania will exchange high marks, and Latvia will give high scores to Estonia and Lithuania. That said all three have got other ex-USSR countries to give points to as well.

OUT: Belgium, The Netherlands (Luxembourg didn't enter yet again).

That's a shame, Belgium and The Netherlands both deserved to be in the final this year. Belgium had a beautiful, gentle ballad which really ought to have gone through. I'm even more gutted that The Netherlands failed to qualify because I thought they had really good entry this year, one of the best songs in last night's semi-final, and the best Dutch entry for years. The Netherlands were robbed last night, they deserved the place Norway took.

Nordic area
IN: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden. OUT: Finland.

I am gutted that Finland failed to qualify, as "När Jag Blundar" was an excellent ballad which was among the entries I most wanted to qualify Tuesday night. Finland's entry was the most deserving Nordic entry of being in the final. At the other extreme, I'm disgusted that Norway qualified as their song is one of the four songs I disliked the most Thursday evening, and thus didn't want in the final. As for the others, I'd have preferred Denmark to have stayed out, I wasn't keen on their style of singing and felt the lead singer's voice wasn't strong enough. I didn't mind Sweden going through, but wouldn't have missed it if it hadn't qualified; Thursday night I was wasn't overly keen on "Euphoria". I didn't mind Iceland qualifying, it had a half catchy chorus but I felt the verses were a bit dull and vocals a bit weak. So Iceland and Denmark will surely give each other 12 points.

Greece and Cyprus
IN: Greece, Cyprus.

I'm really glad Greece qualified as "Aphrodisiac" was a catchy memorable song with a good beat. I didn't mind Cyprus going through, though I wasn't overly keen on it. So we all know what that means: Greece and Cyprus will automatically give each other 12 points.

Former Yugoslavia
IN: Bosnia & Herzegovina, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Serbia. OUT: Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia.

I'm so overjoyed Serbia qualified as their entry was one of the best, and one I most wanted to qualify on Thursday evening. At the other extreme, I'm extremely glad Montenegro are out as their entry was a load of nauseating garbage. Of the rest, I'm glad F.Y.R. Macedonia as I quite liked their live performance Thursday night, and I'm now happy to see Bosnia & Herzegovina in the final as their song, although not one of my favourites Thursday evening, was well sung. Although I didn't mind Slovenia not qualifying from semi-final 2, I'd rather have seen Slovenia take the place Norway or Ukraine took. I'm glad Croatia are out though, their song was below par and contained a load of nauseating trash about two thirds of the way through. The mix of ex-Yugoslav countries will produce some interesting voting: Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia will almost certainly give each other 12 points. F.Y.R Macedonia will give Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia the top marks (10 and 12) Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia will give 8, 10 and 12 to the three ex-Yugoslav finalists.

Founding Seven
By this I mean the seven countries who appeared in the very first ESC in Lugano in 1956:
IN: France, Germany, Italy. OUT: Belgium, Netherlands. Switzerland. (Luxembourg didn't enter in 2012).

As I've already said, Belgium and Netherlands should have gone through. On the other hand I'm glad Swtizerland didn't qualify, as their song was below par and a song I least wanted to qualify Tuesday evening.

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