Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Coaster Crazy Show 2012 Forecast

Billed Acts
Billed performers we're sure to see:
·         Nev and Alan Chilvers - Show Opener involving "Chariots of Fire" theme.
·         Ryan Hackett - another mock advert (after Go Compare 2010 and Shake 'n' Vac 2011).
·         Libby Williams - "Butterflies" by 3+2 (Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Belarus entry)
·         Kelly Cameron (she's done a billed act 2008 - 2011)
·         Wendy Evans (she normally does a billed act)
·         Charlie Turner - Gong Show 2011 winner, back to do a billed magic show.

The Finale - Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé - "Barcelona" (1992 Summer Olympics)

·         Queen - "We Are The Champions"
·         "World In Union" (used in IRB Rugby Union World Cup)
·         Baddiel & Skinner and The Lightning Seeds - "Three Lions"  (used for UEFA Euro 96 and FIFA France 98 World Cup)

The Gong Show
The following eight acts:

Andy Hunter After he was so gutted about me beating him to last place in 2009, he's now overdue to come back with something ultra-terrible to ensure he comes last.
Brian Smith and David Bebbington "Paradise City" (Guns and Roses).  Something I thought would appear in 2011 (but didn't), it's sure to happen this time.
Emerald Evans and Lucy Cosnett After Emerald's opera song was booed last year, she'll be back hoping a duet with Lucy Cosnett will be more successful.
Alan and Saffron Eddy "Save Your Love" (Rene and Renato)
Ryan Hackett He's been in each year 2008 to 2011, so he's sure to do something again.
A 4 to 6 year old boy or girl There's bound to be at least one child act in the line-up.
Nemesis Nick Brave Prince (Boogie Beebies)

A sporty type game (e.g. throwing footballs / basketballs into a net; something with bean bags or tennis balls).
Kids' Gopher (just like 2008 to 2011 inclusive).
Final game: Trade or No Trade (we last had it in 2008, so it must be time for that again).

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