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Nemesis Nick at Funland 14 Oct 2017 Midi Report

Date: Saturday 14 October 2017
Venue: Funland, Hayling Island
Who Went: Just me

N.B. Any use of "today" or "Saturday" in this report means Saturday 14 October 2017.

Rationale for Trip
After my birthday outing to Chessington World of Adventures and RCCGB Loopathon day 2 at Drayton Manor Park, I fancied a last-minute bonus coaster trip to Funland Hayling Island one Saturday during what remained of October 2017. For various reasons I chose to go Saturday 14 October 2017.

Getting to Funland
I got up early to catch the 07:36 train from Bath Spa to Southampton Central, followed by the 09:13 train to Havant, and finally the 10:20 bus to Beachlands, Hayling Island. When I reached Beachlands at 10:41, I went to Beachlands Cafeteria, next-door to Funland, for a much-needed mug of coffee.

Funland, Hayling Island

Morning Riding
Having left Beachlands Cafeteria I entered Funland and bought myself an all-day wristband. Once fitted with my wristband, I headed straight for the Runaway Mine Train. This mouse coaster, which previously operated at Gulliver's Warrington as Wild Mine Ride from 1999 to 2015, began operating at Funland as Runaway Mine Train in 2016. Although its ride cars are truck-like, the ride experience was similar to other steel mouse coasters. For now I had two goes, front row followed by back row. My first non-coaster ride of the day was Spinning Pots (formerly known as Cannibal Pots), which is similar to a tea cup ride, but with cauldrons instead of cups. Although a fun ride, once was enough for now. Afterwards I had one go on the Miami ride Extreme.

Neptune's Fury is new to Funland for 2017 and located where Woody's Coaster used to be until last year. It features giant seashells on turntables, which work in a similar manner to a waltzer. A fun ride, and somewhat similar to Breakdance which disappeared from Funland a few years ago, but once was enough for me for now. After that I donned my all-in-one splashsuit before having two goes on the large log flume Beaver Creek Log Ride. When I re-entered hoping for a third go, there seemed to be a problem with the ride, so I backed off and had two goes on Dino Falls instead. Although Dino Falls is just a mini log flume, it's still great fun. Having left Dino Falls, I removed my splashsuit. Next I had two goes on Funlandasaurus (formerly Super Dragon Roller Coaster); front row followed by back row. Riding in the front row allowed me to have an unobstructed view of the way ahead, whereas riding in the back seat meant I could see most of the train in front of me. One ride consists of multiple laps, however I didn't count the actual number of laps per go. My final two rides before lunch were Samba Balloon and Cyclone once each. Cyclone was great fun, and still one of my favourite non-coaster rides.

Lunchtime and After
At 13:05 I went to Jenny's Food Bar, which is located within Funland, to have a jacket potato with chilli and a mug of coffee for lunch. Afterwards I went for a walk along the beach in an easterly direction, and across the grassland and east of Funland. The sun was now fully out and I felt warm enough in just a T-shirt and shorts outside.

Afternoon Riding
Around 14:10 I returned to Funland and without further ado returned to riding. I began by riding Funlandasaurus twice (ninth row followed by sixth row). My first non-coaster ride of the afternoon was the Samba Balloon; I had one go. Next I enjoyed two goes on the mouse coaster Runaway Mine Train; front row followed by back row. After that I rode Neptune's Fury, Cyclone and Extreme once each. At 15:40 I went to Jenny's Food Bar for a much-needed mug of coffee

Having left Jenny's Food Bar at 16:00, my next ride was Spinning Pots. When the ride finished, the attendant asked me if I wanted a second go, and I agreed. Being as no-one else was waiting to get on I was able to remain in the same pot for my second go. Next I enjoyed my final two goes of the day on the mouse coaster Runaway Mine Train, back row followed by front row. By now the large log flume Beaver Creek Log Ride was operating again, so I put on my all-in-one splashsuit and enjoyed four goes on Beaver Creek Log Ride. Afterwards I had two goes on the small log flume Dino Falls. After my second go on Dino Falls I removed my splashsuit. Finally there was just enough time left for me to have one go on Cyclone (which turned out to be its final run of the day). The perfect ride to round off my day at Funland.

Evening Meal
The rides closed at 17:00. However Seaview Fish & Chips, which is part of Funland, remained open a little longer, so I had cod and chips, served on a plate, there. Having finished my fish and chips I left Seaview Fish & Chips and headed towards Beachlands bus stop.

Summary of day in order of activity

Coffee at Beachlands Cafeteria

Runaway Mine Train 2
Spinning Pots (Cannibal Pots) 1
Extreme 1
Neptune's Fury 1
Beaver Creek Log Ride 2
Dino Falls 2
Funlandasaurus 2
Samba Balloon 1
Cyclone 1

Lunch at Jenny's Food Bar
Walk along part of the beach and grassland

Funlandasaurus 2
Samba Balloon 1
Runaway Mine Train 2
Neptune's Fury 1
Cyclone 1
Extreme 1

Coffee at Jenny's Food Bar

Spinning Pots (Cannibal Pots) 2
Runaway Mine Train 2
Beaver Creek Log Ride 4
Dino Falls 2
Cyclone 1

Cod and chips at Seaview Fish & Chips

Cumulative Summary of Rides

Beaver Creek Log Ride
Dino Falls
Neptune's Fury
Runaway Mine Train
Samba Balloon
Spinning Pots (Cannibal Pots)

Journey Home
Back at Beachlands bus stop I caught the 17:36 bus to Havant Bus Station. Having got there at 17:58, I bought myself a takeaway coffee from Parade Mart Havant. Back at Havant railway station, I caught the 18:22 train to Southampton Central, followed by the 19:10 train to Bath Spa. I finally reached Bath Spa at 20:40 and home a few minutes later.


High overall ride count.
Adding Neptune's Fury to my ride count.
Riding Runaway Mine Train, Funlandasaurus, both log flumes and other rides again.
Rides mostly walk-on.

Drop tower was out of action all day.

Summing Up
Altogether a coaster crazy day out, and almost certain to be my final visit to an amusement park for 2017. Although a small park, I enjoyed riding two roller coasters, two log flumes and five other rides. It was great adding Neptune's Fury to my ride count, and riding the other rides I had previously ridden again. Just one point about the two coasters (Runaway Mine Train, Funlandasaurus), they're both steel. Come on Funland, get some wood! My biggest disappointment was seeing the Drop tower not running again; in fact this time I noticed it was blocked off around its base. One member of staff I spoke to said the Drop tower has been out of action for about two years now, and they're going to take it down soon. The park was rather quiet all day, presumably because it was mid-October. That sometimes meant I was the only person wanting to go on a particular ride. The upshot of this was that I managed to get a high overall ride count. Above all, it was definitely worthwhile me travelling from Bath to Hayling Island and back in one day just to visit such a small park. Finally the weather was good for mid-October; after a cloudy (but dry) morning the afternoon was mostly sunny, and surprisingly I felt warm enough going around in just a T-shirt and shorts for most of the afternoon.

A more detailed report is available here

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