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Nemesis Nick at Brean Leisure Park 23 July 2016 Midi Report

Date: Saturday 23 July 2016
Venue: Brean Theme Park
Who Went: Just me

N.B. Any use of "today" or "Saturday" in this report means Saturday 23 July 2016.

Rationale for Trip
Having attended the RCCGB Summer Bash at Brean Leisure Park early September 2011, and gone there alone in September 2012, June 2013, June 2014 and July 2015, I was equally determined to go there again this year. I originally favoured going one Saturday in June, but for various reasons it took me until Saturday 23 July to go there.

Getting to Brean Leisure Park
I awoke at 5:40 to get ready in time to catch the 7:35 bus from Bath Bus Station to Bristol Bus Station, followed by the 8:45 bus to Weston-super-Mare, and finally the 10:13 bus to Brean.

Brean Leisure Park

Morning Coffee
Having eventually reached Brean at 10:48 I went to Subway where I had a regular coffee and cookie.

Morning Riding
After leaving Subway, I walked straight to Brean Theme Park and bought myself a wristband. Just like in 2015, wristbands purchased in the morning were valid until ride closing time, which today was after 21:00. Furthermore a free firework display was due to take place after dark today. Unfortunately I couldn't have stayed until 21:00 as the last bus back to Weston was at 19:39.

Once fitted with my wristband I was eager to start riding. When I passed Crazy Loop, a sign stated it was closed for maintenance. Thankfully the indoor dark coaster Astro Storm was already running, so I began the day by having six goes on Astro Storm. Although a fun dark roller coaster, I question the need for the multi-coloured and flashing lights on the lift hill. I also question the need for the air currents as there is no air in Space. Afterwards I enjoyed three goes on the mouse coaster Magic Mouse followed by three goes on Caterpillar Coaster.

So far I had ridden three of the four coasters. I considered going on Crazy Loop next, but it was still closed for maintenance. Thankfully there were plenty of non-coaster rides for me to ride. The rest of the morning I rode Wipeout, Sizzler (generally better known among ride enthusiasts as Twister or Cyclone) and Sky Diver drop tower once each.

Lunchtime and After
Since I was now feeling peckish, I left Brean Theme Park at 12:55 to get some lunch at nearby Subway. I chose a 6 inch turkey and ham Sub and Sprite. After lunch I walked around part of the beach for a few minutes before returning to riding.

Afternoon Riding
At 14:11 I returned to Brean Theme Park. I was going to start with the Bumpy Slide, until I spotted a sign "No adults on Bumpy Slide". The attendant told me a 1.4 metre maximum height limit was introduced on the Bumpy Slide at the start of the 2016 season. My first ride after lunch was Xtreme, which is similar to Hydro Max at Pleasure Island Cleethorpes. Although a fun ride, once was enough for me; in fact I felt glad that go didn't last any longer. Next I had one go on the Miami style ride X Factory, followed by one go on Crazy Boats.

After a much-needed white coffee at The Tavern, the looping coaster Crazy Loop was open at last, so I decided to ride it. Although not my favourite looping coaster, and very much a bone-shaker, I enjoyed two goes. Next I had one go on Wave Swinger. After that I felt like a few more goes on Astro Storm; I ended up having six goes. Just before my second go, I put on my pink "Coaster Crazy Kid on Tour!" hi-vis waistcoat, and kept it on for my remaining goes. The ultra violet lighting towards the end of the ride created a somewhat weird reflection off it. My final coaster ride of the day was one more go on Crazy Loop; I kept my hi-vis waistcoat on for that go and removed it immediately afterwards.

So far I hadn't been on Wild Water log flume, partly due to it not running a couple of times during the afternoon. Now that it was working again, I enjoyed two goes on it. This log flume has two rises and two falls. Even though it was a sunny afternoon, I put on my cagoule so as not to get wet. I rounded off my day at Brean by having two goes on Sizzler followed by one go on Sky Diver drop tower. At 18:00 I left the funfair for the last time, and returned to the bus stop.

Summary of day in order of activity

Astro Storm 6
Magic Mouse 3
Caterpillar Coaster 3
Wipeout 1
Sizzler (Cyclone) 1
Sky Diver 1

Lunch at Subway
Walk along beach

Xtreme 1
X Factory 1
Crazy Boats 1

Coffee at The Tavern

Crazy Loop 2
Wave Swinger 1
Astro Storm 6
Crazy Loop 1
Wild Water log flume 2
Sizzler (Cyclone) 2
Sky Diver 1

Cumulative Summary of Rides

Astro Storm
Crazy Boats
Caterpillar Coaster
Crazy Loop
Magic Mouse
Sky Diver
Wave Swinger
Wild Water log flume
X Factory

Saturday Evening

Bus to Weston-super-Mare
Back at the bus stop I caught the 18:09 bus to Weston-super-Mare. I left the bus at Beach Road bus stop and walked northwards along the seafront in the direction of Grand Pier.

By the time I was close to Grand Pier, I felt ready for a meal. I bought takeaway cod and large chips from Winston's Fish Bar and ate them in the paved area across the road from the beach. Afterwards I had a whippy ice cream. Fish and chips and an ice cream are two must-haves when you're at the seaside.

Journey Home
Having finished my ice cream I caught the 19:25 bus from Marine Parade on the promenade to Bristol city centre, followed by the 21:01 bus to Bath Bus Station. I finally reached Bath Bus Station at 21:58, and home a few minutes later.


Adding Crazy Boats to my ride count.
Re-riding all four coasters and many other rides that I first rode September 2011.
Having six goes straight off on Astro Storm during the morning and another six goes straight off on it late afternoon.
High total ride count overall.

Crazy Loop not running in the morning (but thankfully it opened and I was able to ride it mid-afternoon).
Wild Water log flume not running certain times of the afternoon (but least I managed to go on it twice before I left).
Feeling tired by late afternoon.

Summing Up
Altogether a fun day out. This was my sixth visit to Brean to-date and my fifth solo visit there. Throughout the day most rides were walk-on, and thus I achieved a high ride count, even allowing for frequent rest breaks. It was great riding all four coasters (Astro Storm, Magic Mouse, Caterpillar Coaster, Crazy Loop) and other rides again. Just one point about the four coasters, they're all steel. Come on Brean, get some wood! The weather was good too; dry all day, and sunny most of the time I was at Brean.

A more detailed report is available here

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